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Introducing a secure and more transparent voting system


Why online Voting??

The goal of Mulberry minds is to provide a secure and a more transparent voting system to the community. There has been so many cases nowadays across the world when it comes to vote rigging and corruption, where there is no value at all when it comes to each individuals vote. There is no transparency in vote counting, there is no transparency as to which candidate has won how many votes so far etc. All this makes way to a corrupt election where there is a possibility of vote rigging as there is absolutely no transparency at all. whereas with online voting each vote is made transparent as the users can see the count of votes each candidate has got so far . online voting not only solves the problem of transparency in the voting system ,but also makes the entire voting process easy. As the voters need not have to search for their respective polling booths to go and cast their votes, need not stand in long queues , need not basically waste time . This secure and user friendly application of Mulberry Minds can be used from anywhere and your just a click away to cast your vote.  

“Elections are not about the people who count the votes its about the people who cast the votes”

VISION - our aim

Our objective is to deliver robust, scalable, innovative and quality solutions to everyone in search of IT services. We aim to provide cohesive solutions to build new-generation IT services & offer efficiency improvement opportunities.

MISSION - our goals

To explore immense possibilities of innovation and creating something novel. We will reshape IT with cutting-edge technology. We’re a community of people who have the right skills for all upcoming challenges.


• Consistency: We believe in “Be who you are”. This is important for all individuals. 

• Trust: Consistency helps build trust in clients, associates, neighbors and friends. 

• Passion: We believe in delivering our best to the clients. Passion for excellence. 

• Innovation: We encourage different opinions that leads to create something new.

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